Dancing Classrooms works.
We study it, research proves it.

Our program develops the best of what academics call Social Emotional Learning or SEL
life skills like motivation, collaboration and listening that help us develop into empathetic
and compassionate human beings in an ever changing world.

Year after year, school principals, teachers, and families have witnessed the elevated self-esteem, connection and engagement of each Dancing Classrooms student that propels enhanced performance in school, at home and in the semesters that follow.

Even in virtual and socially-distanced environments, we’ve heard time and again that our programs result in better student performance and community in the classroom and beyond.

How Dancing Classrooms Works At Your School

Dancing Classrooms is an in-school residency taught by a trained and certified “Teaching Artist.” The residency is taught in place of either music or PE (ideally twice a week over a 10-week period of time) and is a component of the student’s grade based on participation and behavior. The Dancing Classrooms Teaching Artist works with the school teacher to integrate the program’s syllabus with the 5th grade curriculum. Each school can choose to hold an in-school Culminating Event at the end of the program. This event provides the student the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned for invited guests, usually parents and 4th graders.

The cost per residency depends on the number of 5th grade classrooms in your school and number of students in each classroom. Teaching Artists are also trained to work with “special needs” children as well. At least one teacher or administrator is required to attend the class. Cost can be determined on an individual school basis. Many schools will request grants and/or funding from school partnerships, Parent/Teacher organizations, county school foundations, fund raisers and other resources including United Way.

The benefits of this program have proven to be particularly important over the past few years as our children and schools have had to adjust to remote, on-line and off-site learning modules which have kept them from fundamental interactions and social growth and learning. Dancing Classrooms is an excellent program to re-introduce and cultivate social and emotional learning back in our schools.

Contact us for more information and/or a personal visit to review options for your school!

Curriculum Integration

Dancing Classrooms isn’t simply a ballroom dancing program. Dancing Classrooms Teaching Artists collaborate with the school teachers to integrate the program’s syllabus with the rest of the schools curriculum. Listed below are some examples of curriculum integration.

 Reading & Writing

  • Poetry, essays, diaries and short stories from other countries


Social Studies

  • Customs & Costumes
  • Family History
  • Community Studies


Visual Arts

  • Dance Art
  • Bookmaking
  • Dance In Art



  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Introductory geometry: shapes and patterns
  • Skills-based problem solving
  • Fractions, rhythm and musical tempo


Physical Education 

  • Body Awareness
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Sportsmanship

Program Accolades

The Dancing Classrooms curriculum has been reviewed in New York, California, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and meets or exceeds:

  • New York State Standards for the Arts
  • New York Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts
  • California Visual and Performing Arts Framework
  • Ohio’s Academic Content Standards
  • Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities


Learning Empathy Through Dance

Schools are increasingly using movement and expression as vehicles for teaching kids social-emotional skills.

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Trained and Certified Teaching Artists

Teaching Artists are the lifeblood of our program, our most valuable asset. To ensure unity of purpose and intention, we train all prospective teachers extensively in classroom management skills and curriculum integration, as well as the social dance training of our program syllabus. We are currently seeking Teaching Artists who have:

• The belief that every child can learn and excel.

• A passion for dance and creative expression that can easily be communicated to children.

• Self confidence in their dance and artistic abilities.

• High expectations for what every child can achieve through the program.

• An ability to express themself verbally in such a way that deserves attention.

• An understanding of children’s classroom dynamics and how to manage behavior.

• Flexibility and a good sense of humor.

• Have experience working with 5th and/or 8th grade children. Understanding the developmental realities of 10-13 year old children is important.

• Have a dance/theater/creative expression background – not necessarily as a professional.

• Have the ability to commit to part-time work during the school day, Monday-Friday, for the 2023-2024 school year.

• Have dependable transportation – personal vehicle or reliable mass transit options.

• Be able to pass a BCI & FBI background check.

Dancing Classrooms Teaching Artists are: actors, dancers and individuals who can move with rhythm. TA’s have excellent interpersonal skills, enjoy working with children, are able to work in person in school classrooms, have a generous spirit; a sense of humor and willingness to travel between schools.

Send credentials to: info@danceforjoyswfl.org

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